Símbolo Elospare


ELOSPARE is a Portuguese consulting company focused on the telecommunications market, with a particular emphasis on Transmission Solutions, with Own Manufacturing of Metallic Structures and Molds for Mobile, Land, and Optical Fiber networks.

Estratégia Flexível


As a result of a flexible and market-oriented business strategy, ELOSPARE has, over the years, created and strengthened synergies with its customers and business partners, to the point of evolving into the own manufacturing of metallic structures and molds, with 2 factories in Portugal, creating a significant growth dynamic. The business strategy has been qualitatively and operationally adjusted to the demands that the market and ELOSPARE's customers in particular have been making, leading to changes in its product range.


The Products and Solutions provided by ELOSPARE meet the most demanding international quality standards defined for the sector. Partnering with market-leading national and international business partners, whose technological leadership focuses on innovation and has enabled sustained growth. Our goal is to provide high-quality services, thus meeting the specific needs of each customer.

Inovação e Crescimento